Product color diversity has become a pursuit and development model, modified PC has developed from the original white, black to now can be adjusted to any color products, after color matching technology adjustment, so that the original has a greater value space, whether it is automobile internal and external accessories, or the development of power tools, product color changes are varied. All these can be used to regulate the color of modified PC products by color matching technology. We specialize in selling engineering plastic raw materials, thermoplastic elastomers, high temperature materials, to provide customers with one-stop engineering plastic solutions; YouTemei has set up its own factory, specializing in the production and operation of its own brand “YouTemei” PC, PC/ABS green new materials, and has established partnerships with well-known enterprises such as Saber basic Innovation Plastics (Sabic), DuPont Engineering Plastics (Dupont), Japan Toray Co., Ltd. (Taray), Shandong Luxi Chemical PC and so on.


We design and manufacture a wide range of cutting-edge materials that raise our global customers’ products to the next level.

Complete product range and high cost-effective

We are among a very few polymer resin manufacturers that back our compounding and color-matching services with a quality guarantee.

Over 10 years' high quality modified polyester resin poduction

We can customized development according to customer requirements, fast provision of samples , to meet customer requirements for resin product

developmentStable material performance, small batch difference, stable and timely supply

fast provision of samples and samples, to meet customer requirements for new product development.

The best plastic resin material suppliers

We have signed up with Taiwan Chi Mei, Taiwan Formosa, Thailand Petrochemical, Germany Costron, Korea Lotte, Germany BASF, and Saber Basic Innovation, and are committed to providing first-class engineering plastic products and high-quality technology and after-sales service for customers in the automotive, electronics and medical industries.

ABS Resin, MABS Resin, ASA Resin,SAN Resin, PS Resin,PMMA Resin, MS Resin, PC Resin, PC/ABS Alloy Resin. all raw materials can provide raw material reports UL, FDA, material certification, ISO,ASTM physical property information, ROHS (SGS) report, material safety data sheet (MSDS), etc.

polycarbonate resin manufacturers

Your global supplier of plastic resins. Specialised in prime biodegradable plastics.

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