We are offering materials that are used in various applications from consumer goods, to medical and industrial applications, we help our customers to breakthrough any product and production challenges through materials adjustment, as we can easily provide access to cutting-edge materials and make modifications through our research and development initiatives. Besides being able to match our customers’ needs in production, performance and price, our experienced sales people grasp our customers’ needs quickly and openly share our knowledge, resulting in the quicker identification of the right materials. Finally, our reliable supply and stable materials performance provide peace of mind to our customers.

Quality control, product performance, supply and demand, cost control, and many other variables all play into the decisions of OEMs, processors, and injection molders. By utilizing our financial strength and domestic and international sourcing, we strive to manufacture and supply the engineered thermoplastics that help alleviate disruptions and concerns in the supply chain, as well as control costs.


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