We offering materials that are used in various applications from consumer goods, to medical and industrial applications. We are a variety of ABS/PC resin, PMMA resin material suppliers.

ABS resins have been used ubiquitously in the making of toys, sports goods , and household appliances and electronic products’ casing/housing. Now, Our ABS grades now meet a wide range of application requirements on the market.

Meeting customer needs in terms of production, performance and price, our experienced staff can also quickly grasp customer needs and openly share our knowledge, resulting in faster identification of suitable materials. Finally, our reliable supply and stable material properties give our customers peace of mind.

Why is the wifi router made of ABS material?

5G wireless router dedicated ABS spray free environmental protection material, this material has:

1. Excellent processing performance, one injection molding can obtain a perfect appearance;

2. Excellent mechanical performance, ensuring that it will not be damaged under strong external impact strength in high and low temperature and other harsh environments;

3. Excellent weather resistance can ensure that the product has a consistent color effect throughout its life cycle;

4. Good low dielectric performance makes 5g router signal nearly full output.

Why is the Mobile phone charger base made of ABS material?

Mobile phone charger base is generally made of flame retardant PC / ABS alloy. Because the charger is connected to the plug-in board, a certain current will be generated and it is always working. If it is placed on the patch panel for a long time, it will continue to generate heat, which will lead to the aging of accelerator parts and materials, easy to generate short circuit or high-voltage breakdown, thus causing fire hazards.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, the mobile phone charger base is generally required to be flame retardant and reach UL94 V0 level, so it is necessary to add more flame retardant in PC / ABS.

As the temperature of flame retardant PC / ABS Alloy during granulation and processing is relatively high (above 230 ℃), the flame retardant used must first meet the requirements of processing temperature, that is, it will not decompose, volatilize, discolor, deteriorate, and have harmful reactions with other components at the processing temperature.

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