We offering materials that are used in various applications from consumer goods, to medical and industrial applications. We are a variety of ABS/PC resin, PMMA resin material suppliers.

ABS resins have been used ubiquitously in the making of toys, sports goods , and household appliances and electronic products’ casing/housing. Now, Our ABS grades now meet a wide range of application requirements on the market.

Meeting customer needs in terms of production, performance and price, our experienced staff can also quickly grasp customer needs and openly share our knowledge, resulting in faster identification of suitable materials. Finally, our reliable supply and stable material properties give our customers peace of mind.

WHY IS THE intelligent toilet MADE OF ABS MATERIAL?

Both ABS and PC/ABS materials offer a dynamic range of properties in which they can adhere to. The wide range of possibilities during the production process affords the materials the ability to be applied to a multitude of things.

The body material of the intelligent toilet cover is ABS resin. It has good gloss and good performance in impact resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance. And part of the body is made of ASA material, which is superior to ABS material in high temperature resistance and aging resistance.


This is because the dust box of the sweeping robot is located inside the robot and close to the machine parts. There is much dust in the dust box, and it is easy to accumulate static charges in dry weather. The static charges are very easy to damage electronic parts and shorten the product life.

The anti-static ABS material used for the dust box of this sweeping robot has good impact resistance, high rigidity, good dimensional stability, stable chemical performance, surface resistivity of 10 to the 10th power, and good electrical insulation performance. It can effectively prevent static electricity caused by dry weather and dust, and protect the internal parts of the sweeping robot.

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