We offering materials that are used in various applications from consumer goods, to medical and industrial applications. We are a variety of ABS/PC resin, PMMA resin material suppliers.

ABS resins have been used ubiquitously in the making of toys, sports goods , and household appliances and electronic products’ casing/housing. Now, Our ABS grades now meet a wide range of application requirements on the market.

Meeting customer needs in terms of production, performance and price, our experienced staff can also quickly grasp customer needs and openly share our knowledge, resulting in faster identification of suitable materials. Finally, our reliable supply and stable material properties give our customers peace of mind.


Patchwork block toys mainly use coloring ABS materials, and some model, automobile and reptile toys also use coloring ABS materials. Generally speaking, the safety problems of coloring ABS materials for toys mainly lie in the high temperature conditions.

The coloring ABS materials are very stable under the normal temperature. Once the temperature reaches a certain height, the coloring ABS plastics will start to release toxic substances, and the taste will be pungent. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the safety of the toys made of dyed ABS materials if the toys are not baked on fire or exposed to high temperature in the sun.

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