MS Resin

CHIMEI’s ACRYSTEX® SMMA resin is a copolymer primarily composed of methyl methac-rylate (MMA) and styrene monomer (SM). Its advantages include excellent transparency and optical properties, good weather resistance, ease of processing, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, good chemical resistance, and low residual stress for molded products. The specific gravity of SMMA resin is lower than acrylic, producing more plastic with less input and so leading to lower costs for customers. As one of the largest SMMA suppliers in the world, and with many years’ experience in optical panels, CHIMEI is deeply knowledgeable about the requirements for optically transparent materials, and integrates that knowledge into developing leading materials. This material can be applied in food and water contact materials, daily use consumer goods, electronic panels and toys. ACRYST-EX® complies with RoHS, REACH SVHC, UL, and numerous international standards for various applications.

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