CHIMEI KIBILAC ASA Resin PW-997 Plastic Raw Material

Model Number:ASA PW-997
Brand Name:CHI MEI
Delivery Time:5-10 days
Accreditations:ISO9001, ISO14001, ASTM,UL,ROHS,SVHC
Material:ASA Raw Material Granule
Keywords:ASA Chimei PW-997,plastic abs,abs raw material
Character:Extrusion Grade ASA Resin with higher flow ability can be used for extrusion sheet for outdoor application.
Especially good compatibility with PVC. It’s suitable to apply on co-extrusion with PVC as well.
It is widely used for building materials and automotive parts.
Application:Co-Extrusion sheet/Construction and outdoor application
Grade: Extrusion ASA
SAMPLE: Accepted

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ASA is a copolymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile, and acrylic rubber. Technically, ASA not only maintained the main characteristics of the ABS, it also combines the weather resistance advantage of acrylic to extend the product application for outdoor purposes. Following 30 years of experiences in manufacturing ABS, KIBILAC® ASA has inherited the good qualities and characteristics of Chimei’s POLYLAC® ABS. The characteristics of weather resistance durability, color stability, and good PC/PVC capability have allowed KIBILAC® ASA to become a broader and higher value resin that can be applied in automotive parts, construction parts, outdoor sporting goods, gardening parts, outdoor antenna parts, electronic and electrical products, toiletries, etc. In addition, KIBILAC®ASA also reduces the secondary coating and electroplating processing costs, allowing its products to have cost reducing and environmental friendly features. Presently, primary ASA product specifications are PW-957, PW-978B, and PW-997S.

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