Heat-resistant High-flowability CHIMEI POLYLAC ABS PA-765

Model Number:ABS PA-765
Brand Name:CHI MEI
Color:White or customized
Delivery Time:5-10 days
Accreditations:ISO9001, ISO14001, ASTM,UL,ROHS,SVHC
Material:ABS Raw Material Granule
Keywords:ABS Chimei PA-765,plastic abs,abs raw material,General Plastics
OEM/ ODM:Accepted
Character:High-flowability, 1.0mm V-1, 1.5mm V-0, 1.5mm 5VB, 2.5mm 5VA (TBBA series)
Application:Displays, machine boxes, modems, power panels, power outlets, car batteries, cash register shells, printer casings, remote control,
light boxes, fax machines, projectors, large-scale multifunctional peripherals, coffee machine,
front and rear TV frames, DVD players, car audio consoles

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CHIMEI’s POLYLAC® ABS resin is a copolymer primarily composed of styrene (SM), acrylonitrile (AN), and butadiene (BD). ABS has very good mechanical properties, dimensional stability, processing ability, chemical resistance, and a high-quality appearance. These advantages make ABS resin an excellent engineering plastic. Manufactured by CHIMEI cutting-edge process, POLYLAC® is famous for its world’s lowest residual monomer. It has been widely used in manufacturing machinery, electronic components, electrical and home appliances, auto parts, medical products, food and water contact materials, construction materials, toys and sporting goods, and cosmetics containers. POLYLAC® is compliant with RoHS, REACH SVHC, UL, and numerous international standards for various applications.

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