TAIRILAC PP F2003 Plastics Raw Material Resin

NAME: TAIRILAC High stiffness High clarity PP F2003 Plastics Raw Material Resin Granule Used
for Flexible & Rigid packaging, Cigarette wraps, Adhesive tape, House wares, labels , Portfolio
Model Number:PP F2003
Color:transparent white
Delivery Time:5-10 days
Accreditations:ISO9001, ISO14001, UL,ROHS,SVHC,SDS ,GB/T 31402-2015
Material:PP Raw Material Granule
Keywords:PP Taihua PP F2003,plastic PP ,PP raw material,Features:High stiffness, High clarity
AT: super-clarity; AM: plating film
Application:Flexible & Rigid packaging, Cigarette wraps, Adhesive tape, House wares, labels , Portfolio
OEM/ ODM:Accepted

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TAIRILAC is a brand of high stiffness, high clarity plastics raw material resin. It is known for its exceptional stiffness and excellent clarity, making it suitable for various applications that require both strength and transparency.

TAIRILAC is commonly used in the manufacturing of products such as clear containers, display cases, optical lenses, and automotive parts. Its high stiffness property ensures that the products made from it have good dimensional stability and can withstand mechanical stresses without deforming or breaking.

In addition to its stiffness, TAIRILAC also offers excellent clarity, allowing for a clear and transparent appearance. This makes it ideal for applications where visibility of contents or aesthetics are important, such as food packaging, medical devices, and consumer electronics.

TAIRILAC is typically made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylic resins. These resins are known for their high-quality optical properties, which contribute to the exceptional clarity of TAIRILAC. Furthermore, PMMA resins are also known for their excellent weatherability and UV resistance, making TAIRILAC a durable option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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