TAIRILAC PP F2011 Plastics Raw Material Resin

NAME: TAIRILAC Middle slipping, Good clarity PP F2011 Plastics Raw Material Resin Granule Used
for CPP usage, Flexible & Rigid packaging
Model Number:PP F2011
Color:transparent white
Delivery Time:5-10 days
Accreditations:ISO9001, ISO14001, UL,ROHS,SVHC,SDS ,GB/T 31402-2015
Material:PP Raw Material Granule
Keywords:PP Taihua PP F2011,plastic PP ,PP raw material
Features:Middle slipping, Good clarity
AF: CPP film; AM: CPP plating film
Application:CPP usage, Flexible & Rigid packaging
OEM/ ODM:Accepted
GRADE:Film Grade

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TAIRILAC PP is a type of plastics resin produced by Tairipro, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s leading petrochemical company, CPC Corporation. PP stands for polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer widely used in various industries for its excellent chemical resistance, high strength, and resistance to fatigue.

TAIRILAC PP plastics resin is known for its versatility and excellent processing properties, allowing for easy molding and shaping into different forms. It is commonly used in packaging, automotive parts, household appliances, and various consumer products. Its high impact strength and resistance to heat and chemicals make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

TAIRILAC PP plastics resin is often chosen by manufacturers for its good balance between cost and performance. It is also known for its light weight and ability to be easily recycled, making it a more sustainable choice for many industries.

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