Our Service

we’re always focus on helping our customers to go further, trying to find a breakthrough in aesthetics, raise production efficiency, or reduce the environmental impact of their products.

We have been consistently supporting customer in fast enquiry feedback, quality control, on time delivery, technical supporting and long term development.

Our focusing

Fast feedback:

  • Fast offer
  • Expedited color matching
  • Samples speed

Quality control:

  • Standard qualify
  • Quality guarantee

On time delivery:

  • Flexible transportation terms
  • Extensive on site warehouse set up
  • Dependable on-time delivery monitoring

Technical supporting:

  • Material selection
  • Strongly engineer team , customized products supply
  • Color matching, spec analyzing
  • Recommendations on part and tooling designs

Long term development, achieve sustainability Goals:

  • Utility grades that incorporate recycled resins
  • Closed-loop reprocessing to convert your scrap into usable material

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